Science writing: turning complicated science into compelling stories.

Nicola Temple is a researcher and writer who has worked with organisations in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia.

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Long before there was the ready meal, humans processed food to preserve it and make it safe. From fire to fermentation, our ancestors survived periods of famine by changing the very nature of their food. This ability to process food has undoubtedly made us one of the most successful species on the planet, but have we gone too far?

Writing about science

For over a decade, Nicola has woven scientific evidence, humour and passion together to create communications that are educational, engaging and accessible. Her work has helped inform the public as well as industry and policy-makers.

Before becoming a full time writer, Nicola worked for many years as a conservation biologist. She has conducted fieldwork in remote and challenging landscapes, and isn’t averse to getting her hands dirty. In fact, some might say she quite enjoys it!

Science writer, Nicola Temple, caving
The best stories don’t come from the comfort of a swivel chair.
Nicola Water underwater with a cravice in the background
You have to seek them out…
Underwater photo of reef shark, by Nicola Temple
…and not only provide the reader with knowledge, but also with an experience.
Nicola Temple on a beach (also used in twitter avatar)
“I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough…”
Nicola Temple driving the boat, in the field
“… with her wide-ranging skill set and very strong work ethic…” – Chris Genovali, Raincoast Conservation
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“Working with Nicola has been a pleasure from start to finish. Not only is she a talented writer, excellent interviewer and exceptionally accurate in her work, but her genuine interest and excitement about science is evident in everything she writes.”
~ Dr. Philippa Bayley, Manager of The Cabot Institute

“She’s an amazing writer, full of creativity and wit that engages the reader.”
~ Joe Barrios, Editor-in-Chief, EcoVillageGreen


Among grizzlies and groupers – find out where Nicola discovered her love of storytelling.

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