Some articles written by Nicola Temple

Not all it’s cracked up to be

The horsemeat scandal made many of us wonder what we were actually eating – and led biologist Nicola Temple on an 18-month odyssey to ask if we really are what we eat, how much trouble are we in?

Cabot Institute Magazine 2015

This was my third year as editor for the Cabot Institute Magazine and I think it has got better with each year. Have a look inside the full magazine →

Ground force

As the controversy over fracking rumbles on, attention is turning to another, cleaner underground energy source: geothermal. But its greatest potential is in areas where drilling can be risky. Dr…
Cover of a Cosmos Magazine

Extreme weather synchronises Arctic populations

“Extreme weather events can put the birth and mortality rates of four different Arctic species – reindeer, rock ptarmigan, sibling vole and arctic fox – in sync with each other, according to new research.”
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Ro-botany: rotting robots in the garden

What if I told you that buried deep within the hot and humid milieu of the compost, lay the components of future robots that could help clean up environmental disasters…….

Same-sex squids mate in the dark

In the dark confines of the ocean, the males of a species of deep-sea squid appear to be rather indiscriminate when it comes to sexual orientation… Read the entire article…

Early Saharan Africans used milk 7,000 years ago

Sophisticated chemical analyses have provided the first unequivocal evidence that humans in prehistoric Saharan Africa were milking cows nearly 7,000 years ago… Read the entire article at COSMOS Magazine →