Contributing to ‘How the Body Works’

In August 2015, I was contacted by DK books about being a contributor to a Book covernew title they were publishing about the human body, aimed at adults. It was good timing as my own book was complete and it was a good opportunity with a big publisher. It was also something new for me as it required that I submit briefs on each of the topics I was given, including a mock-up of how the information could be presented visually. This was an element of creativity that doesn’t always manage to find its way into my work – combining my illustrator brain with my science writer brain. I loved it!

The product, titled How the Body Works, has now been released and includes 256 bold and colourful pages, 64 of which have some element of my stamp on them.

You can find out more about the book here.

Having had success with this project, I’m now looking at working with DK on a new book this autumn. Stay tuned!

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