Sorting the Beef from the Bull launch changes venue

The Cabot Institute and the University of Bristol are kindly helping Richard and I launch Sorting the Beef from the Bull on the 25th of February. The announcement went out about a week ago and it has sold out. Originally, I thought my greatest fear about this event was that it would be Richard and I at the front of an empty room. Now, I’m feeling both nervous and excited that it is rather quite the opposite! They’ve had to change the venue in order to try and accommodate more people.

When Richard and I were writing the book, we each independently had conversations with family, friends, colleagues and strangers about the subject of food fraud. Both of us had people respond with everything from ‘What’s food fraud?’ to ‘Who cares?’ These conversations definitely shaped our thoughts in writing the book and they have no doubt shaped how we will speak about it as we now enter the publicity phase of things.

I won’t lie to you, by the time we handed the book into the publisher, I was sick of it. I had lived and breathed the contents of those pages and like a mother in her 40th week of pregnancy…I just wanted it done. Now, I’ve had some time to step back from it. I’ve seen it in print! As the book starts to generate interest in the lead up to the launch, I think both Richard and I are finding a renewed love as we see it through the eyes of others.

It’s an odd feeling really, when you have been so incredibly absorbed in a topic for years,  poured your knowledge, thoughts and soul into the pages of a book and then share it with the world. It is a scary thing…and this is popular science, not some personal memoir! The fact that people are showing an interest in it is, quite frankly, very exciting for us. So thank you. We are grateful that people will be coming out to join us on the 25th and we are also thankful that the era of disgruntled audiences throwing things at the stage is long over!

Register your interest in attending on Eventbrite…perhaps we’ll need to get an even BIGGER room!!

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