A personal note – my six year old on BBC Radio Bristol

by Nicola Temple | March 12, 2014

This morning, my son Morgan and I hopped on our bicycles at 6:45 am and cycled through the foggy Downs toward the beautiful BBC buildings on Whiteladies Road in Bristol. As a science writer and avid naturalist, this place – the home of the BBC’s Natural History Unit – is essentially equivalent to my temple of worship. Great things have come from this building! However, we’re not here for me today…

Morgan was asked to come down with two of his class mates and his reception teacher from last year to talk about their class trip to Weston-Super-Mare. This happened nearly a year ago and so as I navigate us through traffic, I’m also priming my six year old, asking him questions about the trip to make sure it’s fresh in his mind!

We are ushered into the building and as we walk past rows and rows of desks in the news room, I’m suddenly grateful for my home office. These journalists and researchers have about 2 ft of desk space to work on and while all was relatively quiet at 7:30am, I’m sure it all gets quite busy and noisy during the day. Honestly, where does one put their cup of tea?!

Sitting outside the studio, the excitement starts to get to the three children. Olivia has gone very quiet – somewhat paralyzed by nerves perhaps. Elicia is showing all the parents the dance she wants to show everyone on the radio…oh, and her missing tooth. Morgan is telling everyone about the museum he has made at home. Mrs. Peet, their teacher from last year, is outwardly smiling as always, but no doubt wondering what in the world she has signed herself up for.

The children and Mrs Peet are ushered into the studio where Breakfast host Steve Le Fevre is sitting. We parents sneak a peak through the window where our three little children are crowded around a microphone. Morgan spots me and starts pulling faces and giving me the thumbs up. I quickly retreat out of view. No further distractions are necessary.

Outside I am listening and silently willing Morgan to not blurt out ‘poo’ or ‘willy’ – or any of the other popular 6-year old boy talk! In the end though, the three children pulled it off. They did a wonderful job – Olivia was eloquent, Elicia didn’t dance and Morgan didn’t blurt out anything about toilets! So, here is the recording of the show as I know there are many grandparents in Canada that would love to hear it and as a proud mother, I am more than willing to share it…enjoy.


  1. Celeste and John says:

    We loved hearing you Morgan and reading your introductory piece, Nikki. You both may well be proud of your growth and lust for life. Now that I’ve found this site, I hope to read more from time to time.

  2. Alida says:

    What a star Morgan! Love when the teacher says that Morgan teaches her about all this!!! Brilliant. Love it!!

  3. Jean Glen, says:

    That was so good. Not surprised that Morgan kept wandering off! He would be more interested in how the programme was being produced than in answering questions. A little surprised that he did not name the fish the little girl saw at the Aquarium!

    I understand his Mum’s feelings. But Morgan can suss a situation and respond accordingly, I think!

    I am so proud of the whole family and their achievements. There will be more such items, I am quite sure.