Thrilled to be working with ‘Born to Run’ publicist

A few weeks ago, my co-author Richard and I had the great privilege of meeting Ruth Killick, the publicist that will be helping us promote our book. Of course, before the meeting I had a thorough scan of her website to look at what else she had done and was excited to learn that she was one of the publicists working with Chris McDougall on his incredibly successful book Born to Run.

I can’t tell you how many copies of Born to Run I’ve bought…many. I’ve passed them out to friends and family and anyone who tells me ‘I’m too old to run’. It’s the born-again runner’s bible, which helped me shift the way I thought about running.

I told Ruth I was a huge fan of the book and she told me that she had organised a run with a running club to help promote the book. One by one, the non-runners she had organised to come out with her had dropped out during the day, so that evening it was her, Chris and a whole bunch of very accomplished runners. She kept with it though and ran anyway, well lopped along as she described it (as Chris sprinted over the hills miles ahead of her). That’s perseverance!

I even managed an exchange on Twitter with Chris to share my excitement at working with Ruth!

So, as the press release goes out shortly and Ruth starts to work her magic in getting us events and news stories…I’m donning my running shoes and hammering out a few miles every day to make sure I’m in shape for what lies ahead.

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