Hardcover released in 2016: Sorting the Beef From the Bull

In 2012, I met Professor Richard Evershed FRS while writing a series of stories for the University of Bristol, featuring research that was having an impact on society. Richard had developed methods to detect adulterated maize oil and when I started to dig deeper into the story, I discovered that his methods had become the international standard. We share a passion for wholesome food and an abhorrence for those who purposely deceive us about what we eat. After the horse meat scandal in 2013, we decided it was time to put our thoughts to paper. We wanted to bring examples of food fraud together and share the sophisticated science that has helped discover and deter fraudsters, as well as the equally sophisticated science behind the fraud as well.

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About Sorting the Beef from the Bull

Food adulteration, motivated by money, is an issue that has spanned the globe since our first agricultural ancestors had a surplus of food to trade. Whether it’s a matter of making a good quality oil stretch a bit further by adding a little extra ‘something’ or labelling a food falsely to appeal to current consumer trends – it’s all food fraud, and it costs the food industry billions of dollars each year. The price to consumers may be even higher, with some paying for these crimes with their health and, in some cases, their lives.

Sorting the Beef from the Bull is a collection of horrifying tales of food fraud. It explains the role of science in uncovering some of the century’s biggest food scams, and explores the arms race between food forensics and fraudsters as new methods of detection spur more creative and sophisticated means of committing the crimes. This book equips us with the knowledge of what is possible in the world of food fraud and shines a light on the shady areas of our food supply system where these criminals lurk.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Not Eggsactly What You Thought
1: Food Fraud 101
2: Busting the Food Cheats
3: A Slippery Deal
4: Hake Today, Cod Tomorrow
5: What’s Your Beef?
6: Milking It
7: Seasoned Criminals
8: Bogus Beverages
9: White Collard Crimes
10: Thoughts for Digestion