The Fraud Factor

by , February 20, 2014

While food fraud has been discussed thoroughly in terms of globalisation, and even in the context of security and acts of terrorism, to my knowledge there has yet to be much discussion on food fraud in the context of climate change and an uncertain environment.

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Cabot Institute Magazine 2013/14

by , November 18, 2013

Well, it’s here…the second annual Cabot Institute Magazine came out online last week with print versions expected this week. It’s always so exciting to see a project like this come together through the hard work of a small and dedicated group of people, including the Cabot Institute’s Philippa Bayley and Amanda Woodman-Hardy. This year’s issue […]

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Making a case for impact

by , July 31, 2013

An impact case study needs to summarise as much as 15 years of research and define the impact it has had in the past 5 years, including evidence, all within four pages of accessible text – this is where I come in.

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